A child's journey from darkness to light.

Who have experienced the loss of a loved one. By death, divorce or imprisonment. A loss is a loss and all children need our support as a community.






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Our testimonials are derived from data obtained from our end of camp Evaluation Forms.

"On a scale of 1-10, with 10 meaning my child really liked it, over 90% of our kids rated their experience at Camp Encouragement a 10!"

"100% of our Parents have reported that their child had a much better attitude and outlook after attending Camp Encouragement."

"Most of our kids found it much easier to talk about the death of their family member while attending our camp."

"A strong percentage of our parents and kids should an interest in monthly get togethers and ongoing support groups."

"My child wished the camp was longer (more days)."


Adult Evaluation:

Q. Why did you wish for your child to attend Camp Encouragement?

A1. "I wanted my child to know that he wasn't alone."
A2. "I wanted my daughter to attend Camp Encouragement to help her gain tools to aid her in dealing with the death of her grandmother."
A3. "To continue their grief journey."

Q. What other thoughts do you have for Camp Encouragement about how it might better help you, your child, and your family?

A. "Camp should be longer; one week is not long enough!"

Q. Why did you wish for your child to attend Camp Encouragement this year?

A. "To have a place where they can share how they are feeling about losing their sister and feel that they are supported and not alone."

Q. What - if anything – do you believe that your child gained from attending Camp Encouragement this year?

A. "They were with other children that have endured loss and felt comfortable."

Q. What was difficult for you or your child about coming to Camp Encouragement?

A. "My son struggled at first due to holding on to his pain that quickly left, once he got their."

Child Evaluation:

Q. What activities at Camp Encouragement did you like the best and why?

A1. "I enjoyed going to the Zoo (Norristown Zoo)."
A2. "Enjoyed making slime."
A3. "Meeting new friends."

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